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Unveiling the Artist Behind the Lens

Hello everyone! I’m Giorgos Katsimpas, a wedding and baptism photographer. I have been involved in photography for many years, and it’s something I adore and enjoy every moment of. Furthermore, photography is a family tradition as my father and grandfather were photographers too. So, you could say we are three generations of photographers!

I work hard to meet the needs of my clients and provide them with the best possible photographs of their special day. My goal is to capture the essence and emotion of each moment and create a unique experience for my clients.

I am always open to the ideas and needs of my clients, and I can adapt my style to suit each individual.




Indulge in the beauty of love and celebration through my portfolio of stunning wedding and baptism photographs. Experience the magic captured in each image as you explore the unforgettable moments I’ve had the honor to preserve.

Award-Winning Wedding Photography

Celebrate the artistry of Giorgos Katsimpas, a photographer recognized with two prestigious WedAward International Wedding Photography Awards.

Experience the magic and beauty that earned George these esteemed accolades. Prepare to be inspired by his exceptional ability to capture unforgettable moments and create timeless memories.

Giorgos Katsimpas

Antonis & Maria

Giorgos talent as a wedding photographer is truly remarkable. He captured our special day with such artistry and precision, preserving every emotion and detail. His professionalism and genuine passion for his work made us feel at ease throughout the entire process. We are beyond grateful for the stunning photographs that will forever hold the memories of our wedding day.

Konstantinos & Eleni

We cannot recommend Giorgos enough for wedding photography. His creativity, attention to detail, and ability to capture genuine moments were truly exceptional. He managed to perfectly encapsulate the essence of our love story, and each photograph tells a beautiful chapter. George's professionalism and warm personality made the entire experience enjoyable and stress-free.

Xaris & Katerina

Giorgos is a true artist behind the lens. His talent shines through in every photograph he takes. We were blown away by his ability to capture the candid moments and emotions during our wedding ceremony. The images he delivered were not only stunning but also evoked the same feelings we experienced on that day. Giorgos dedication and commitment to his craft are evident in his work.